Daily costs to visit Barcelona

Daily costs to visit Barcelona

How expensive is Barcelona? Is it expensive to eat out? What budget should you have for Barcelona? Find all the necessary information to plan your trip to the capital of Catalonia. 

Prices and costs in Barcelona are similar to other major cities in Spain like Madrid and are a little cheaper than other main European metropolitans, especially if we compare them to Amsterdam, Venice or Vienna.

The public transport in the capital of Catalonia is relatively inexpensive and if you book your accommodation in advance, you will find centrally located hotels for a good price.

The entrance fees to Barcelona museums are a little expensive, but you can save up during your holiday by reading our article on how to save money in Barcelona.

Some examples

The following is a list with some of Barcelona’s products and services:

Food and drinks

  • Latte: between 1.25 (US$ 1.30) and 2.50 (US$ 2.70)
  • A small draft beer: 3.50 (US$ 3.80)
  • Set menu in a cheap restaurant 10.50 (US$ 11.30)


  • Metro single ticket: 2.40 (US$ 2.60)
  • Metro and bus 10 journey ticket (Zone 1): 11.35 (US$ 12.20)
  • Taxi from the airport to the city center: between 25 (US$ 26.80) and 35 (US$ 37.50).


  • A double room in a centrally located hotel: from 70 (US$ 75.10).

Entrance fees to some of Barcelona’s attractions