Buses in Barcelona

Buses in Barcelona

Barcelona has a fleet of more than 1,000 buses with over 80 different routes. The buses reach both the most touristic areas and the city's most remote areas.


Operating hours  

In Barcelona, the running times of the bus network system depend on the various lines. However, most of them start their service between 4:25 am and 5 am and run until 11 pm.

If you need information on the times of a particular line, you can check out the official TMB website:

Night Buses

The city has a night bus service called Nit Bus. It covers most of the city center and the metropolitan area.

The night buses run from 10:40 pm to 6 am approximately. All the buses leave from Plaça Catalunya


TMB offers locals and visitors various types of transport tickets and travel cards depending on the need of each individual. You’ll find useful information on the tickets and travel passes in the following article: