Barcelona Card

Barcelona Card

The Barcelona Card is a tourist pass that includes a public transport pass and free access to over 25 attractions in the capital of Catalonia. It also offers discounts to over 60 museums, monuments and restaurants.

The Card comprises a small guide with information on the most visited landmarks and a small map to get around Barcelona.

Attractions included

These are some of the sights included in the Barcelona Card include:

The tourist pass also offers discounts for the city’s main tourist attractions like the La Pedrera or Camp Nou and the Palau de la Música Catalana.

It also provides discounts for the Golondrina boat tour, a boat ride along the city’s old port.


The price of the Barcelona Card depends on how many days you’re going to stay in Barcelona. You can either choose a three-day, four-day, or five-day pass. 

Type of Card Adults Children (4-12 years old)
3-Day Barcelona Card 53 (US$ 56.60) 30 (US$ 32)
4-Day Barcelona Card 63 (US$ 67.30) 40 (US$ 42.70)
5-Day Barcelona Card 75 (US$ 80.10) 45 (US$ 48.10)

The card is valid as soon as you activate it and is valid for consecutive days, not 24-hour periods.

Is the Barcelona Card worth it?

The Barcelona Card is worth purchasing if you're planning on visiting the city’s main attractions and you want to get around the city on the main means of transportation. The tourist pass includes free entry to most of Barcelona’s landmarks.

Where to purchase the card?

You can purchase the Barcelona Card on our website. Once in Barcelona you can collect it from any tourist information center. We recommend you get it from the airport, so you can use it from the first moment.