Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

From the beginning of the 20th century, with the arrival of a wave of Andalusians to the city, live flamenco shows proliferated. Nowadays, Barcelona is considered the third capital of flamenco in Spain, only surpassed by Andalusia and Madrid.

Some historians believe that the first guitar-like instrument in Spain could be from Barcelona, as it was brought to the peninsula by medieval folk singers from Provence in France. 

If you go to Barcelona and are passionate about music, checking out Andalucía’s traditional music and dance scene is a must! You can attend one of the many flamenco shows and Spanish guitar concerts that are organized every day in the city.

Best Places to Watch Flamenco in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona hosts renowned flamenco shows in theatres or in varied and curious premises, some of the best being Palacio del Flamenco (Barcelona’s largest venue for flamenco performances) or the Palau de la Música Catalana (a remarkable modernist concert hall declared a World Heritage Site in 1997).

Best Flamenco Show and Dinner Restaurants

A great option is to enjoy a breathtaking flamenco show whilst having dinner. There are numerous tavern restaurants with flamenco tablao (the platform where the flamenco show takes place). The following list includes the best tablao restaurants in Barcelona:

  • La Bodega Flamenca de Casa Camarón: This restaurant with an authentic Andalusian soul combines the best of flamenco dancing, traditional Spanish culture, and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Flamenco Palace: The largest flamenco theatre in Barcelona. 
  • Tablao de Carmen: This tablao commemorates the legendary flamenco dancer, Carmen Amaya.
  • Tablao Cordobés: This tablao is beautifully decorated with Nasrid art. Very worth-while! 
  • El Patio Andaluz: This tablao is housed in an authentic Andalusian patio in the city center.

The Best Spanish Guitar Concerts in Barcelona

If you want to discover the art of the Spanish guitar, we recommend spending an evening observing the greatest masters of the Spanish guitar. All year round, visitors can book a concert with “The Maestros de la Guitarra”, a group of renowned musicians that organize concerts in Barcelona’s most emblematic buildings like the Palau de la Música Catalana, Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi, and Church of Sant Jaume.

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