Museums in Barcelona

Considered one of the most cultural cities of Europe, Barcelona accommodates numerous museums. Read this article to find about its most important institutions.

Our 3 top museums

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Housed in Montjuïc Castle, the Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (National Museum of Catalan visual art) is one of the main museums in Barcelona.

Museu Picasso in Barcelona

The Museo Picasso (Picasso Museum) in Barcelona features 3,500 works of art by Pablo Picasso. It is the world's largest collection of the Cubist's artwork.

Other interesting museums

Museu d’Història de Catalunya

The Museu d’Història de Catalunya (Museum of the History of Catalonia) in Barcelona reflects the history of Catalonia up to the end of the 20th century.

Museu Frederic Marès in Barcelona

The Museu Frederic Marès is housed in a striking palace and features the art and sculpture collection donated by the sculptor Frederic Marès.

Egyptian Museum in Barcelona

The Museu Egipci de Barcelona (Egyptian Museum in Barcelona) offers extremely interesting exhibitions on Egyptian art and culture.

Museu Blau in Barcelona

The Museu Blau (Blau Museum) is part of the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona. It is located in the Forum Park and is a great museum for children.

Other museums in Barcelona

Museu de la Xocolata in Barcelona

The Museu de la Xocolata (Chocolate Museum) in Barcelona reflects the history of chocolate and includes several artworks made out of chocolate.

Gaudí House Museum in Barcelona

The Gaudí House Museum was the artist Antoni Gaudí’s house from 1906 to 1925. It features a collection of furniture and objects designed by Gaudí.

How to save when buying tickets?

If you want to save money when visiting these must-see museums and other top attractions, don't miss our section on money saving tips, where we include interesting information on two of Barcelona's tourist cards.