Go City: Barcelona Explorer Pass

Go City: Barcelona Explorer Pass

The Go City: Barcelona Explorer Pass is a tourist card that offers visitors free entrance to some of the city’s main attractions.

The Barcelona Pass gives you priority access to attractions, so you won’t have to queue for any of the landmarks and museums included in the pass. There are also discounts for some of Barcelona’s bars, restaurants, and stores.

You can add a Hola BCN! travel card to your Barcelona Pass if you want to move around the city on public transport. You’ll enjoy unlimited journeys during the validity of your Pass.

Attractions included

These are just some of the 15 attractions you can choose from that are included in the Go City: Barcelona Explorer Pass:

You'll be given a free guidebook full of information on the main places to visit in the city.

Go City: Barcelona Explorer Pass Prices

Visitors can choose how many attractions they want to be included on the pass. Prices are as indicated below:

Option Adults Children (aged 3 to 11)
2 attractions 62 (US$ 66.10) 42 (US$ 44.70)
3 attractions 84 (US$ 89.50) 64 (US$ 68.20)
4 attractions 104 (US$ 110.90) 74 (US$ 78.90)
5 attractions 119 (US$ 126.80) 84 (US$ 89.50)
6 attractions 134 (US$ 142.80) 94 (US$ 100.20)
7 attractions 144 (US$ 153.50) 104 (US$ 110.90)

Is the Go City: Barcelona Explorer Pass worth it?

The cheapest option has a price of 62 (US$ 66.10), so we recommend you check the price of the attractions you want to visit to see if in your case buying the card will be worth it.

Where to purchase the Go City: Barcelona Explorer Pass?

The Barcelona Pass is available online and you can start using it whenever you wish.