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General information about Barcelona

We’ve created a list of frequently asked questions about Barcelona for those of you who are heading to the capital of Catalonia shortly and would like a little more information about the city before getting there.

Frequently asked questions

  • Documentación necesaria para viajar a Barcelona Do I need a visa to enter Spain and Barcelona? Do I need to travel with my passport or is an ID card enough?
  • Tiempo en Barcelona What are the weather averages like in Barcelona? Is it very cold in winter? Can you go to the beach all year round?
  • Precios en Barcelona ¿What are the daily costs to visit Barcelona? Are restaurants expensive? How much money will I need to bring?
  • Días festivos en Barcelona When does Barcelona celebrate its public holidays? When is Barcelona’s national holiday? Do the museums and monuments open during the bank holidays?
  • Horario comercial en Barcelona What are the general opening hours in Barcelona? Do shops in Barcelona open on Sundays and public holidays? When do the shopping malls close in Barcelona?
  • Embajadas y consulados en Barcelona A list with the addresses and telephone numbers of several consulates in Barcelona like the U.S. Consulate, British Consulate, Australian Consulate, among many others.

Other topics

Geography and demography

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain. The city is situated in the northeast of Spain, close to France and the Pyrenees.

With 1.7 million inhabitants, Barcelona is the second most populous city after Madrid. The Metropolitan Area of the city has 36 municipalities with a population of 3.3 million.


Catalan and Castilian are the two official languages spoken in Barcelona.


The Euro (€) is the currency used in Barcelona, like in the rest of Spain and most countries in the European Union.

Electricity and plugs

In Spain, the electricity supply is 220 volts (like in most European countries). The power sockets are type F with two prongs. You will need an electricity plug adaptor if you are traveling with UK electrical appliances. The same applies if you are traveling from the U.S.

Helpful telephone numbers

  • Emergencies and police: 112
  • Guàrdia Urbana (Municipal police): 062
  • Prefix of Spain: +34
  • Prefix of Barcelona: 93
  • Firefighters: 080
  • Emergency medical services: 061